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Museum Store

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AMOS is currently conducting maintenance on the online presence of our Museum Store. Please check back here soon for the link. Thank you for your patience!


Our Museum Store has gifts, apparel, toys, and specialty items for all ages! 

Admission is not needed to visit and shop at our store, and we are open the same hours as the museum exhibits daily.

We are proud to offer a beautiful selection of STEAM-themed items that can truly be a souvenir treasure from your visit, an educational activity, or just for fun! 

The easiest way to show your support for AMOS is by making a purchase in our store. Your purchase not only keeps us moving forward and upward but also helps the small, independent, STEAM-themed, and eco-conscious companies we support.


Looking to ‘rock’ some AMOS-themed gear? We have shirts, stickers, patches, magnets, pins, keychains, and lots of other goodies representing our small but mighty museum. The best way to show your support is to ‘dig in’ and show off your AMOS side!

Activities & Kits

We have fun games, science activity kits, puzzles, playing cards, and activity books that challenge ages 3 to 103!

Our puzzle selection ranges from glow-in-the-dark, wooden sculptures to 500+ pieces geared toward adults, and our activity books range from meditative coloring to constellation learning!

We have kits that can change the way you see the world, literally! From building solar-powered robots to growing your own crystals, our kits can enhance and teach any age an array of STEAM-themed subjects.

Toys & Plush

Our plush line is made of and with recycled plastic bottles, from opossums to stegosaurus to snakes; our plush is not only cuddly and fun but also ethically produced for safe, natural hugs!

Our toys focus on all things AMOS including dinosaurs, wildlife, space, chemistry, and artistic expression. Whether you want to recreate the prehistoric age with dinosaur figures or play with putty that changes color in the sun, we have a toy chest full of goodies (prices start as low as $1.00).


Specimens, Gemstones & Fossils

We have the most rockin’ selection of gems, rocks, and minerals! From fossilized dinosaur poop to hand-carved gemstone skulls, our geology section is full of specimens, many of which are regionally focused.

Our selection includes Labradorite, Kyanite, Tourmaline, Citrine, Malachite, Agate, Selenite (towers, sticks, and candle holders), Salt lamps, Soapstone carved animals, gemstone jewelry, Fluorite, Pyrite, and tons more!

You have to come and explore the collection and see for yourself the beauty of these genuine finds.

Ranging in sizes from a dime to a human head, our retail specimens offer a tremendous variety of fulfilling your mineral needs!

Library & Local Artisans

We have a selection of books ranging from local authors, unique/science and nature-themed children’s stories, encyclopedias of gemstones and fossils and so much more. From DK Smithsonian guides to stories of one very tiny T Rex, our selection of books delight anyone seeking education or just a feel-good read!

We are honored to work with local artisans including Omileye, creator of the “I Am” art series focused on positive affirmations for children and young adults; Ceilidh Shaffer, ink-on-paper artist; Megan Lee of Megan Lee Studio for scientist gear such as stickers and tote bags; SoulKu, a jewelry line supporting local at home moms and Merging Metals, a husband and wife team creating unique jewelry creations using electro formation of copper mixed with natural elements.

Omileye’s “I Am” series

Apparel & Jewelry

Our jewelry selection is all handmade, eco-conscious produced, and focused on local vendors. Specialty jewelry includes copper electroformed gems (Merging Metals), sterling silver pieces, and gem gift wear made by local moms (SoulKu)!

We have the coolest, most unique SOCK COLLECTION in Asheville. If you are looking for socks that show off well-dressed dinosaurs, women scientists, or launch sloths into space, you are in the right place!

We also proudly carry uniquely silly and easy-to-pick-up gift items such as lapel pins, Einstein-themed gifts (soap, lip balm, plush, and even a planter!), reusable stainless steel straws (w/pipe cleaner and carrying case), and science-themed ties (handmade in the USA).


From the entire team at AMOS, we appreciate your support of shopping locally!