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Field Trips

Step 1: Check out our Field Trip & Outreach Guide

  (AMOS is proud to offer both in-house field trips and outreach programming!)

Step 2: Review the Field Trip & Outreach Policies Here

Step 3: Complete a Request Form

Basic Info:

The AMOS classroom can be utilized as a lunch space, if and when it doesn’t conflict with scheduled itinerary. No more than 50 students, teachers and/or chaperones can occupy the classroom at any given time. Lunches (coolers) can be stored in the classroom, prior to lunch time. AMOS Staff fridge and microwave are not generally available for use-please let a staff member know if you will be needing use of these appliances. Groups using the space are responsible for clean-up after their lunch. (Trash receptacles and bags will be provided by AMOS and all bagged trash will be disposed of by the museum)

Unloading/Pick-Up & Parking Information
Unloading: Please turn right, onto Church Street (perpendicular to our front entrance), and pull over immediately after turning, to unload. Please wait for a museum staff member to come out to the bus, before unloading. We will assist with crosswalk crossing. Please have a final head count ready, broken into the following categories: Students, Staff and Chaperones.
Parking: For large vans and buses, please refer to our AMOS Field Trip Parking document. Cars and small vans are recommended to park in the Rankin St. Garage. The first hour is free.

Museum Store
Teachers can choose to let students shop in our Museum Store during their visit. Prices start with items at $0.50 (plus tax). Please let us know if you want time for your students to shop in advance so that we can include it in the visit itinerary. Teachers with a valid ID receive a 10% discount in our store.

Hurricane Simulator
Our Hurricane Simulator is a temporary exhibit and costs an extra $2.00, paid into the simulator with dollar bills or credit card. We recommend no more than 2-3 children at one time.

Group Size
For outreach programming, a minimum of 20 students/paid program participants are required. Groups with less than 20 paid participants may opt to pay the difference in order to participate.
Teacher/Staff Member- Complimentary
Student- $5.50each
*Please note that deposits of 50% are required to secure reservations

To request a field trip or outreach program, please fill out the form below

*You will be contacted within 5-7 business days regarding your request.
*Once a date is confirmed, you will be emailed a confirmation, contract and full itinerary.
*Upon confirmation a 50% deposit and the signed contract is due.

Cancelling or Rescheduling a Field Trip or Outreach Program:

Need to Reschedule?
To reschedule a field trip, please e-mail edu@ashevillescience.org.
Be sure to include original schedule date and the proposed reschedule dates (3 options preferred). If we are unable to reschedule you, please refer to our Cancelation & Refund Policy (listed below).

Cancelation & Refund Policy
For 100% deposit refund, cancelations must be made at least within 30 days of scheduled date.
For 50% deposit refund, cancelations must be made at least 15 days within scheduled date.
No deposit refunds will be made within 14 days of scheduled visit date.
No refunds for less than $10.00 will be issued. All refunds for check payments will be in the form of a post mailed check.

Snow/Severe Weather/School Closure Exception
If visit cannot be rescheduled, full deposit refund will be issued in cases of severe weather and school closure event.