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Our nation and our region are facing quite the challenge when it comes to meeting the needs of our communities’ students with STEAM education. 80% of all jobs by 2030 will require STEAM skills, 79% of the fastest-growing, highest-paying jobs are in STEAM, and yet only 29% of the students graduating from college are majoring in STEAM-related degrees. The U.S. ranks 34th out of 71 developed nations in science and math proficiency, and North Carolina ranks 36th out of 50 states in science and math proficiency.

On top of that, students of color consistently perform at a lower level than white students in science and math, due to what educators call the “opportunity gap.” AMOS is trying to address all of these concerns with STEAM education, programs that fight racial inequality in education, and encouragement for students to pursue STEAM education and STEAM careers.

What can we do together to make this happen? Are you the missing element?

AMOS provides many services in the community with the museum and also through educational outreach opportunities where AMOS Staff bring STEAM education to students in their own classrooms. AMOS needs your support to bring this mission to the WNC community. 42% of AMOS’s budget comes from private donations, including grants, corporate sponsorships, and individual donors.

We couldn’t do this without you; we wouldn’t even try.

40% of our expense budget goes to educational programs, and 42% of our income budget is from private donations. It’s not an exact match, but your financial gifts go to support educational programs that are made available to students, schools, educators, community groups, and more, at no cost to them and are used to offset the costs of educational programs that also are supported with programs dollars. For example, AMOS works directly with organizations like Avery Learning Center to provide an after-school program, and we are able to discount the cost of this program to Avery Learning Center through private funds.

There are three main areas where your support of AMOS is a great investment in our community: Science Literacy, Educational Support, and Racial Equality.

Science Literacy:

Many do not see science education as an acute need, but it is. Studies demonstrate that it is easier and more cost effective to improve the education of children now than to fix the problems of poor education later. Science literacy prepares young people for good careers; science and technology are essential to cultivating young people’s curiosity and helping adults understand critical issues so they can make informed decisions. Your generous support makes all of this possible.

Educational Support:

AMOS provided top-notch STEAM education even throughout the COVID pandemic. AMOS served more than 220,000 online visitors, including virtual classrooms, homeschool students, high school students, and more through multiple virtual programs. Now that students are back in classrooms, AMOS will continue this support with your help.

Racial Equality:

Improving STEAM education for the entire community, especially for low-income families who would otherwise not have access to quality STEAM education, helps close the opportunity gap for children of color, who have historically not had the same educational opportunities as white children. Reducing racial inequality and systemic racism begins with providing equal opportunity for quality education, which AMOS strives to do by bringing educational programs to low-income and communities of color through our community partners, like Avery Learning Center, YMCAs, county libraries, and school districts across WNC.

Ways to Support

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, AMOS relies on community support. Our donors, corporate sponsors, volunteers, and members enable us to be Western North Carolina’s home for experiential science learning, discovery, and exploration.

Choose a Donor Level:

Donor – Any Amount

Friends – $100

Explorers – $250

Rovers Club – $500

Adventurers Society – $1,000

Discovery Circle – $2,500

Pioneer Partners – $5,000

Patrons of the Sciences – $10,000

Colburn Benefactors – $20,000

* Museum Member Benefits

Each sponsorship level is for the support of our education programs. Click here to go to our donation page and choose your level!

How does an investment in AMOS provide an investment for our present and our future?

One child’s visit

Our cost for one child’s admission to the museum comes to $20; however, we only charge $7 per child, per visit. A 65% value of every child’s visit is subsidized and/or supported by donor revenue. And most of that donor revenue comes from individual contributions.

Summer or Winter Camp Series

A $60 donation can pay for a scholarship to our STEM Camp. Help a family in need send their child to our educational camp program!

After-School Programming

A $100 donation pays for one session of After School programming, including supplies and educator time.

Educational Supplies

A donation of $250 helps pay for supplies for our innovative science classes (for preschool through 8th-grade level students).

Class Field Trip

A $500 sponsorship provides the cost for one classroom for a field trip to the museum!

In School Science Learning

A $2,000 sponsorship provides our cost to send educators to visit schools for a week of in-school, hands-on science learning.

New Exhibits

A donation of $10,000 or more would help develop new programs and new, up-to-date exhibits. We are working to raise money now for new weather and climate exhibit.

Expanding In School Education

Our goal of $100,000 is to expand our in-school education program to the entire WNC region. This will cover the cost of two educators, supplies, and also give AMOS the ability to expand its footprint beyond Buncombe County; being more visibly seen as Western North Carolina’s premier destination for experiential science learning, discovery, and exploration!

DID YOU KNOW that you can also support us by choosing to donate a portion of your Amazon purchases when you shop through AmazonSmile?! Its easy to choose us as your organization for Amazon’s charity program.

Corporate Sponsor

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