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Mars Rover

The AMOS Mars Rover


Modeled after 2nd generation Mars Rovers, “Spirit” and “Opportunity,” the AMOS Mars Rover features six-wheel drive and a rocker-bogie suspension system. The system allows the Rover to bend at its joints, instead of using springs. This means that it can roll over rocks larger than the wheel diameter! Mars Rovers are NASA’s robotic field geologists. They use instruments such as spectrometers, microscopic imagers, x-raydiffraction and radiation detection tools, lasers, atmospheric sensors, and rock abrasion tools to seek evidence about whether the environment on Mars may have once been capable of supporting life.

In addition to looking for evidence of liquid water in Mars’ past, the Rovers collect data on Mars’ geology and atmosphere, inventory chemical elements, such as carbon, that are essential “building blocks” for life, and search for evidence of microbial life.  While Spirit is no longer functioning, Opportunity, and 3rd generation Rover, “Curiosity,” are currently on Mars collecting the data needed for future human exploration.

AMOS’ Mars Rover was built and donated by Asheville residents, Camille, Genevieve, and Robert Beatty, of Beatty Robotics. Our robot’s solar wings have been removed to better see how it works. Join us in taking the Rover on an AMOS journey, or experiencing its journey through a virtual reality headset!