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AMOS STEAM Day for Teachers

May 19, 2018 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Start Time: Workshop #1 Starts at 9am; Workshop #2 Starts at 19:30am

Duration: 1.5 hours for each workshop

Fees: $20.00 per workshop ($40.00 for both)

Pre-registration required. Please register below!

“STEM technically stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. But we really think of it as ‘Strategies That Engage Minds.’ These days, almost every job – even those you least expect – require some skill in a STEM discipline. But many students graduate today without those skills. That’s not just bad for students; it’s bad for many North Carolina communities that lack the well-trained workforce needed to attract good jobs. Maintaining our scientific and technological leadership in North Carolina is essential to our economy, our national security, and our future. It’s not just about science and math – it’s about Strategies that Engage Minds. It’s about being ready for college, careers, and life.” – NC STEM Center website

The Asheville Museum of Science (AMOS) is happy to announce our STEM to STEAM professional development series. Why STEAM? not STEM? Asheville is centered in an historically rich arts and crafts region of the United States. Adding the arts to science, technology, engineering and math, not only honors our regional roots, and the creative energy needed for the STEM fields to thrive, art is also the best way to encourage diversity in the STEM classroom. AMOS now offers two, one and a half hour workshops, totally a three hour PD event hosted at the museum. In three hours, you will be introduced to the design process, basic circuitry, basic mechanical engineering, and the concepts of problem-based science. Each Workshop must be registered for separately. You can choose to attend one, or both.


Workshop 1: Moving Poetry; Transform STEM to STEAM through Cardboard Automata
Explore materials, structures, and moving systems in this hands on workshop to make working mechanical arts projects. Building automata is a great engineering challenge that scales from child maker to adult in complexity. Participants in this workshop will practice basic geometry, open-ended problem solving, and mechanical engineering in a fun, creative exercise.

Register for Workshop 1 Here
Workshop 2: Paper Circuitry; Transform STEM to STEAM through Light up Art
Love making art with paper? Fascinated with electricity? Then this project is perfect for you. Learn the basics of electronic circuits in this project using paper and LED’s. Projects can range from greeting cards, to origami, to traditional art such as paintings or drawings. What makes them unique is the use of traditional fine art techniques to create a circuit that combines aesthetics and functionality.

Register for Workshop 2 Here


May 19, 2018
9:00 am - 12:00 pm