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Kimberly Clark

A native of NW Pennsylvania, Kim’s experiences include working as a biologist (zookeeper), educator, volunteer and intern coordinator, and membership coordinator.

Kim brings previous experience from employment at the Greensboro Science Center (7 years) to contribute to her role at AMOS. With the growth and needs of AMOS, she now directs operations of the museum and is honored to support such an important mission and participate, with passion, in the museum’s continued growth.

As a zookeeper, Kim realized that while forever grateful for having worked with such amazing animals, her educational interactions with visitors is what inspired and fueled her. All of these experiences helped to cultivate Kim‘s passion for community outreach and STEM education, fostering scientific literacy, encouraging critical thinking, and inspiring awe about our world and universe, in all those that AMOS connects with.

Kim’s role at the museum includes wearing many hats, but she finds great joy any time that she can step back into an educator role and also in the mentorship of staff, interns, and volunteers.

“Follow your Bliss and your Blisters”- Joseph Campbell