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Professional Development for Educators

AMOS offers high quality, hands-on STEM/STEAM 1.5 hour workshops for educators on the following subjects; Design Thinking and Engineering in the Classroom, STEAM powered learning, Makerspace planning and curriculum integration, and 3D Printing in the math classroom. For pricing and details email edu@ashevillescience.org.


Sample Workshops

Moving Poetry:Transform STEM to STEAM through Cardboard Automata

Explore materials, structures, and moving systems in this hands on workshop to make working mechanical arts projects. Building automata is a great engineering challenge that scales from child maker to adult in complexity. Participants in this workshop will practice basic geometry, open-ended problem solving, and mechanical engineering in a fun, creative exercise.


Paper Circuitry: Transform STEM to STEAM through light up paper art

Love making art with paper? Fascinated with electricity? Then this project is perfect for you. Learn the basics of electronic circuits in this project using paper and LED’s. Projects can range from greeting cards, to origami, to traditional art such as paintings or drawings. What makes them unique is the use of traditional fine art techniques to create a circuit that combines aesthetics and functionality.


Developmentally Appropriate Design Thinking

In this hands on, hearts in, workshop we will design, play and discuss tested classroom practices that engage learners in the design process. Using low cost materials and game-like prompts we will walk through the design cycle and how it reinforces learner engagement, inquiry and communication skills. Questions we will address in this workshop include: How can you design learning experiences for authentic inquiry? How do you select age appropriate problems for students to tackle? In what ways does design and problem-based science reinforce literacy in science, engineering, math, as well as reading and writing?